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Due to the high demand for an excellent centre of learning by members of the community, Mrs. Nancy Kinyua – the Principal of Focus Academy – had a vision. Therefore, Focus Academy came to be, deriving its motto "EDUCATION IS LIFE, GUARD IT WELL" from Proverbs 4:13. Focus Academy was started on 4th January, 2010 in a serene environment at Membley Park Estate in Ruiru Sub-county, Kiambu county. On that prime morning, the school admitted five girls – four in Kindergarten and one in primary school. The school was founded on the basis of Christianity and therefore early morning on the same day it was dedicated by Fr. Paul Sila, the then parish priest of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Ruiru. The school also employed two teachers to ensure that all activities ran smoothly and that the needs of those five children were met

School Vision

To be the leading centre of academic excellence, spiritual and moral perfection.

School Mission

To provide an enabling environment for learning and all round development of children, to be responsible and reliable people in the shaping of the future of our nation

Education is Key

Our History

In the beginning the school only had a Kindergarten block. The block accommodated almost all school activities from office work and academics to dining, storage and play. Despite these challenges, we undertook to excel and began realizing our dream. Today the school is fully fledged and has modern facilities for learning and boarding, several buses and highly qualified staff.

As Cicero (166BC - 43BC), the Roman orator/philosopher said, "The greater the difficulties the greater the glory."

Wall sorrouding the school from the outside

By the end of 2010, Focus Academy had 28 pupils enrolled in kindergarten and primary school. A year later, the school population had risen to 93 pupils and by the third year, the school had 185 pupils. The academic prowess exhibited by our children enabled Focus Academy to draw majority of the children from Membley Estate and more far outside Membley.

 History 1

The school‘s co-curricular activities have brought us recognition at the National level. For four consecutive years Focus Academy has taken the top spots in French, Scottish dances, poems and mashairi at the Kenya national music and drama festival. We have helped our pupils to realize their talents and achieve full potential. The school has also been engaging the pupils in out-door activities like educational trips/excursions for more exploration and holistic development.

students-playing badminton

The school has continued to grow from its humble beginning in 2010. The building structure is complete housing the; administration block, staff room, classrooms, modern boarding facilities for boys and girls, digital library. Computer room, kitchen and dining hall, conference / audio visual room and other amenities.

 History 1

The school population has grown from the initial numbers to over 500 pupils, 27 members of the teaching staff and 23 non teaching staff members. The school has been preparing pupils for KCPE exams since 2015 with exemplary results.

Education is Key

Our Core Values

1Team Work

Working well together as a unit helps us to accomplish more than an individual member could do alone


All our staff members are job-focused, team oriented and take pride in their work.


We teach our students to show respect to their peers, elders and those in positions of authority.


We impart strong moral principles and encourage our students to always do the right thing regardless of the circumstances.


We aim to encourage students to always strive for their best in all life endeavours.


We aim to encourage students to always strive for their best in all life endeavours.

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