Admission Process

The admission process at Focus Academy

For admissions in playgroup,the learner should have attained 3 years at the time of admission,learners for this class do not sit any written assessment. In all other classes,admissions are done based on written assessment. This is conducted prior. Admissions in various classes depends with whether there are available slots. This information will be provided upon enquiry.


Complete an expression form.


Students are invited to attend an interview with the Head of Year before meeting with the Headteacher.


The parents fill up an admission form after payment of the full fees as applicable


The student is admitted by the head teacher; admission number is allocated together with the class of admission.

Eligibility Criteria

Below is a list of our eligibility criteria that every learners must pass to get an entry into Focus Academy;

1Learners must be of 3 years of age and above

2Be able to pass the placement interview. For those joining the play group they don't do the written text interview

3Learners must be able to sound communicate with adults and fellow learners


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